The WalkersGuide project only processes implicitly required data to perform the requested actions. Log files are exclusively created for debugging purposes. They aren’t shared with third parties and are deleted after a short amount of time.

The source code is publicly available.

The following sections inform in detail about what is processed and how long the data is stored.

1. Android App

The android app sends the following data to the WalkersGuide server:

Furthermore every request contains the clients IP address, Android version, user language and a session id. The latter is used to identify already running requests on the server and is newly generated on every app start.

The app uses the OpenStreetmap service Nominatim to resolve geo coordinates into addresses and vice versa (see OSM Privacy Policy for more information).

The library public-transport-enabler queries information from your selected public transport provider. Among others such a request contains your IP address and the GPS coordinates of the selected station.

All other data such as the route history, created favorites and the search term history remain solely on the Android device.

2. WalkersGuide Server

The server component calculates routes and creates POI lists. For this the mentioned data under Android App is processed, stored for 10 days and then overwritten automatically.

3. Website

The website itself is only made of static HTML pages, uses no cookies, shows no ads and doesn’t track the user. But the web server logs the users IP address and the access date for 10 days. Afterwards the data is erased automatically.