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Change log

Version 2.3.1: (2023-06-14)

Version 2.3.0: (2023-06-10)

Version 2.2.0: (2023-05-18)

Favorites: Routes are displayed in addition to points now (see the tab bar on top) Router: New Talkback accessible mini map of the next intersection GPX Import: Added option to import route from GPX file in reverse order

App settings: - New option: Screen remains active as long as the app is in the foreground. - New option: Keep Bluetooth headphone connection alive to prevent truncated voice commands.

Changes in the main menu - Options “Enter address”, “Enter coordinates” and “Point from link” now open the respective points details activity instead of creating a favorite point automatically. - Moved route GPX import from router fragment option menu into main menu (same behavior as described above)

Other: - EditText: ENTER key press on a physical keyboard triggers the configured action like start a search - public transport enabler library updated (2023-05-18)

Version 2.1.3: (2023-02-08)

Version 2.1.2: (2022-11-14)

Version 2.1.1: (2022-09-25)

Version 2.1.0: (2022-07-17)

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Version 2.0.0: (2022-04-17)

Version 1.2.0: (2020-12-27)

Version 1.1.0: (2020-07-15)


The WalkersGuide app versions up to 0.5.1 are not longer supported.

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The base for the WalkersGuide project was the diploma thesis with the title ” “Navigationssystem für blinde Fußgänger und ÖPNV-Nutzer” (“Navigation system for blind walkers and public transportation users”). It was completed at the TU Dresden, faculty of computer science in march 2014.

The thesis starts with a state of the art chapter, which lists current navigation aids for the blind and also covers some related research projects. After that follows a list of user requirements. The main part contains a concept for such a navigation system, based on the priorly defined user requirements. One of the concept’s key components is the integration of the public transportation system into the route calculation process. After a chapter about the prototypal implementation follows an evaluation of the created navigation system.

The document is only available in German and can be downloaded here: PDF and BibTeX.